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No matter what your training needs, we’ve got you covered! Here at Rocky Ridge Gundogs, we have created a training paradise for you and your dog. Our training grounds in North Carolina spread all the way from the mountains to the coast, and everywhere in between. So, we can offer your dog experience to any terrain it will encounter in the field. Let us provide you a dog that you are proud to take on any hunting trip, or family outing!


Basic Obedience

Our Basic Obedience Program is a 2 week program where your dog will live in our kennel, and learn the following commands:

  • Intro to e-collar

  • Here

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Whoa

  • Intro to Healing on a Leash

When you come to pick up your dog, you will be given a 1 hour course, to ensure you have all the knowledge necessary to continue this conditioning once you get home. A key to success is making sure that every owner understands how to keep their dog fine tuned once they leave our kennel. 





Ultimate Pet Program

This premium service is great for first time dog owners. With this program we will bring your dog into our home for the 4 weeks it is with us. During it's time here, your dog will have extra reinforcement for the behaviors learned in the basic obedience program, plus the following:

  • Finish Healing on Leash

  • Place Training in the House

  • Indoor Kennel Manners

  • Door Manners

  • Feeding Manners 

At the end of this program we give our clients a one hour course where we cover every command and behavior we have established. We ensure that you have all of the tools and knowledge necessary to take your dog home, and have those good behaviors continue.




Retriever starter Package

Our retriever starter pack is designed to be the first steps towards duck hunting with your four-legged partner. In this 6 week program, we will ensure that all basic obedience has been completed, either by us or before arriving, through an evaluation of your dog. Then we will work with your dog on the following:

  • Introduction to water

  • Introduction to gunfire

  • Introduction to birds

  • Basic Retrieving to Hand

  • Water Retrieves

  • Enter/Exit Boat

  • Force Fetch (if necessary)

At the end of this program, we give each client a 1 hour course either at the pond we use near our home kennel, or at our lake property (preferred). We will work you through all of the things your dog has learned, and give you drills and tips to use once you get home so that your dog will be ready to sit with you next season. 



Wesson 1_edited.jpg
Wesson 1_edited.jpg

Upland Starter Package

In this 6-8 week program, we will get your bird dog ready for their first season. We have a program works wonders for young dogs, to build their nose and confidence while fostering their point instinct. This program will make that happen quickly. This program gives your dog a spot in our kennel while they are with us. We start by making sure that all of the basic obedience is completed for your dog. Once they have either completed, or qualified to bypass our obedience program, we will start them on all general bird work. This includes:

  • Introduction to birds

  • Introduction to gun fire

  • Conditioned Pointing

  • Endurance Training

At the end of this program, we will schedule a time for the owner to come and run a simulated hunt on released birds with Jonathan. As with all of our programs, we don't want our clients going home with any questions in their mind about how they should handle their dog.



(including birds)

Upland Gun Dog

With this program, your dog will live in our kennel, and hunt with us and our experienced gun dogs, to hone the skills they have already learned from our upland starter pack. In this 8 week program we will complete the following:

  • Conditioned Retrieve

  • Backing

  • Running with a bracemate

  • How to hunt for you

This program will leave you with a dog that you are confident to take hunting/testing when they are finished. As with all of our programs, we will make sure you know how to continue the behaviors we have started. This will all be covered in your simulated hunt with Jonathan that we will schedule for you.










One on One Session

This is designed for clients that either want to learn to work their dogs, or have something specific they want to teach their dog, and are willing to put some sweat equity in themselves. We highly recommend this program, because no one can get more out of a dog than their master. You just need the right tools, and guidance to show you what to do. That's what we are hear for!


Month to Month Training

We realize that some clients want a more custom approach to their dogs program, and that is fine with us! We are here to work with your dog on whatever behavior or skill you may need help with. In this program, we work with the owner to evaluate what their dog needs, and then we work on the goals agreed upon.





We offer boarding in our kennel for past clients, or clients who just want to make sure their dog is in a place where they will get plenty of exercise and attention. If that is what you're looking for, we're the place for you!







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