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Wesson is our top performer and over achiever. Whether in the field or back yard playing fetch, he refuses to be outdone. When hunting, he always runs 1-2 miles further than the next closest dog, and when the GPS collar says the dogs are on point, he's typically the one with the find. He will also sit quietly in the duck blind, and tirelessly retrieve whatever hits the water. He is full of muscle and drive with a nose that is rarely wrong. If you need a GSP to take to the tough hunts where the briars are thick or the swamp is a sinkhole, he's your dog. He also enjoys letting the kids crawl on him and give him check ups. He has been a great part of our family since 2016!

Whelped: 11/10/2016
Weight: 75 lbs 
Height: 26 in

Wesson 1.JPEG


Annie is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, and she came along at just the right time in our family. She has the best on/off switch we have ever seen in a bird dog. She is perfectly content laying around the house with the kids, but she also knows when a shotgun and Garmin collar come out its time for business. She will hunt hard all day and has a retrieve that is exactly what you hope for in a versatile dog. There is no need to call her name. You know she is bringing the bird straight back to you. She strives to please. 

Whelped: 6/18/2017
Weight: 45 lbs
Height: 22.5 in



Ridge is the newest addition to our family. Ridge came from Down N'

Birdie Gundogs located in Columbia, Kentucky. His calm disposition and irresistible face make everyone he meets fall in love with him instantly. When he hits the field, he turns into a totally different dog full of drive and determination. This year, he completed his first wild bird season with 5 successful points of his own; he also had numerous honors for our older dogs on wild NC Bobwhite quail. This dog also loves to retrieve. He is consistently running multiple marks, and multiple blind retrieves. He also had the opportunity to retrieve 2 Mallards on his first duck hunt. We are thrilled with this dog and his constant improvement. His bloodline is packed with great dogs, and he is shaping up to be one as well. 

Ridge 1.jpg

Whelped: 11/18/2020
Weight: 65 lbs
Height 25 in


Nelli was pick of the litter whelped from Wesson and Annie's second litter. She has her dads hunting desire and her moms loving personality. She has turned into the type of dog we strive to produce right in front of our eyes. From a very young age, she has been a great indoor companion. She is a crowd favorite in Boone during the school year at Appalachian State University with her owner (Erin's sister), but she still doesn't forget to come home and hunt with us. At only 4 months old, Nelli pointed her first wild woodcock here in NC. This year she continued her hunting career with multiple finds, backs and retrieves on wild NC Bobwhite Quail and Woodcock. This season was a special season for her, as she pointed a covey of quail that lead to the first downed bird while running with Ridge in a brace. We were extremely impressed with the willingness to work together at such a young age from these two dogs. They will be a go to pairing on our roster for years to come. 


Whelped: 9/29/2020
Weight: 50 lbs
Height: 23 in

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