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Our Story

Welcome to Rocky Ridge Gundogs! We are a family owned, Christian business located in Burlington, NC. Our passion for German Shorthaired Pointers began when we purchased our first puppy in 2014. Shortly after, we started hunting, trialling and adding more dogs to our pack. We knew then that this breed would be a huge part of our life for years to come. We love to explore God's wonderful creation, which made it easy for us to fall in love with a breed that required us to get outside everyday. To take a puppy with only raw talent, and spend countless hours turning it into a dog that will sit quietly by a swamp all morning, and then find and hold birds in the afternoon keeps us in awe of how special this sport is. So, in 2017 we decided to start sharing our love for this sport through puppies. We strive to produce puppies that are the best of both worlds. We realize that more often than not, our puppies will be someone's indoor pet as well as their hunting companion, and that's the way we want it! It is our mission to produce dogs, through both breeding and training, that will be exceptional hunters both in the water and afield, as well as, fantastic indoor companions, so that their owners can experience how great life can be with a good dog.

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